Clamping Voltage Blue Varistor


Electrical Characteristics:

Features: Small size, large capacity, long life, fast response

A varistor is a voltage-limiting component that responds sensitively to voltage changes.

Its characteristics are: at a specified temperature, when the voltage exceeds a certain critical value, its resistance will decrease sharply, the current passing through it will increase sharply, and the voltage and current do not show a linear relationship. Therefore, varistors are also called nonlinear variable resistors.

Production Process:

Clamping Voltage Blue Varistor

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

Clamping Voltage Blue Varistor

Protection of transistors, thyristors or silicon controlled rectifiers and semiconductors

Surge protection for electronic products

Surge absorption for relays and solenoid valves

Surge protection for household appliances, natural appliances and oil installations

Certifications :

Clamping Voltage Blue Varistor


How many ways can resistors be connected?

Resistors are the most widely used components in circuits. The connection forms of resistors in circuits are mainly series, parallel and hybrid.

Two or more resistors are connected in series end to end in a circuit, which is called a series connection of resistors.

Two or more resistors are connected head to head, tail to tail and connected in the circuit, which is called parallel connection of resistors.

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