Bypass Varistor Surge Protection 14D 511K


Electrical Characteristics:

Wide operating voltages ranging from 5Vrms to 1000Vrms (6Vdc to 1465Vdc). 

Fast response time of less than 25nS, instantly clamping the transient over voltage.

High surge current handling capability.

High energy absorption capability.

Low clamping voltages, providing better surge protection

Low capacitance values, providing digital switching circuitry protection.

High insulation resistance, preventing electric arching to the adjacent devices or circuits.

Production Process:

Bypass Varistor Surge Protection 14D 511K

Application Area :

Bypass Varistor Surge Protection 14D 511K

Used for surge protection of indoor electronic equipment, such as energy-saving lamps, adapters, etc.

Certifications :

Bypass Varistor Surge Protection 14D 511K


What are the reasons for the damage of the varistor?

The failure mode of the varistor is mainly short circuit, however, the short circuit will not cause damage to the varistor, because the resistance is at the positive and negative inlets of the power supply; if the fuse is good, it proves that it is not caused by short circuit or overcurrent, it may be If the surge energy is too large, the varistor will be burned out if the absorbed power is exceeded; when the overcurrent passed through is too large, it may also cause the valve plate to be burst and open.

So, what are the reasons for varistor damage?

1. The number of overvoltage protection exceeding the number specified in the specification;

2. Ambient working temperature is too high;

3. Whether the varistor is squeezed;

4. Whether it has passed the quality certification;

5. The surge energy is too large, exceeding the absorbed power;

6. The voltage resistance is not enough;

7. Excessive current and surge, etc.

Also, the varistor has a short service life, and its performance will decrease after multiple shocks. Therefore, the lightning arrester composed of varistor has problems of maintenance and replacement after long-term use.

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