10K 271 Surge Protection Varistor


Electrical Characteristics:

Wide operating voltage (V1mA) range from 18V to 1800V

Fast responding to transient over-voltage

Large absorbing transient energy capability

Large clamping ratio and no follow-on current

Wide operating temperature: -40℃-125℃

Production Process:

10K 271 Surge Protection Varistor

Application Area :

10K 271 Surge Protection Varistor

Transistor, diode, IC, thyristor or triac semiconductor protection

Surge protection in consumer electronics

Surge protection in industrial electronics

Surge protection in electronic home appliances, gas and petroleum appliances

Relay and electromagnetic valve surge absorption

Certifications :

10K 271 Surge Protection Varistor


What are the parameters of the varistor?

Before selecting a varistor, you must be familiar with the meanings of the various parameters of the varistor. Varistor parameter introduction:

V1mA: varistor voltage, that is, the voltage across the varistor when the varistor passes a 1mA current;

IR: leakage current, generally the current flowing through the varistor measured at 83% of the varistor voltage

VAC: The AC voltage across the MOV can be continuously applied at the specified temperature

VDC: The DC voltage that can be continuously applied across the MOV at the specified temperature

IP: the peak value of the impulse current of a certain waveform

VC: clamping voltage, that is, the voltage across the MOV under the inrush current IP

ITM: It does not cause MOV failure, and the rated maximum value of the specified waveform pulse can be applied at a time; it should be noted that ITM is a destructive test, and MOVs that have tested ITM are not recommended to be used in circuits

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