ZOV 10D 471K Circuit Protection


Electrical Characteristics:

Operating temperature range up to 125 (UL: 85°C)

Dielectric strength: AC 4000V

VDE ENEC UL CQC KC certified

Coated with flame retardant epoxy resin layer (according to UL94 V-0 specification)

Automatic insertion type, cost-effective

Available for RoHS SVHC Halogen Free restricted products

Production Process:

Application Area :

ZOV 10D 471K Circuit Protection

  • Consumer electronics: TVs, audio output devices, security sockets, set-top boxes, etc.

  • Industrial products: motors, semiconductor components, relays,

  • Electromagnetic switch, power supply circuit, three-phase rectifier circuit, automatic control circuit, etc.

  • Communication equipment: telephones, fax machines, switches, etc.

  • Computer: computer, monitor, printer, scanner

  • scanner, power supply, power adapter, etc.

  • Automotive electronics

Certifications :

ZOV 10D 471K Circuit Protection


Q: What is a resistor, capacitor and inductor respectively?

A: Resistor is a current-limiting component. After the resistor is connected to the circuit, the resistance of the resistor is generally fixed with two pins, which can limit the current through the branch connected to it.

Capacitors are components that store electricity and electrical energy (potential energy). A conductor is surrounded by another conductor, or the electric field lines emitted by one conductor all terminate in another conductor's conduction system, which is called a capacitor.

Inductor is an element that can convert electrical energy into magnetic energy and store it. The structure of the inductor is similar to that of a transformer, but it has only one winding. The inductor has a certain inductance, it only hinders the change of current.

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