High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitors Manufacturer


Electrical Characteristics:

Capacitance loss has high stability with temperature and frequency

The special series structure is suitable for high voltage and long-term working reliability

High current ramp rate and suitable for high current loop non-inductive structure

Application Area :

High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitors Manufacturer

Used in high voltage bypass and coupling circuit, high voltage power supply, laser pulse laser medical equipment, X-ray machine equipment, CT machine, instrumentation, control and measurement equipment, high voltage package, high voltage generator, transformer, igniter, power equipment, welding machines, electrostatic spraying equipment, household appliances, small household appliances, machinery, electricity, medical equipment, aerospace instruments, air purifiers, medical equipment, etc.

Certifications :

High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitors Manufacturer


What is a high voltage ceramic capacitor?

Ceramic capacitor is a kind of capacitor which uses ceramic material as dielectric, coated with a layer of metal film on the surface of ceramic, and then sintered at high temperature as an electrode. High-voltage ceramic capacitors are ceramic capacitors that can withstand high voltage. They are used in power systems, generally such as power system metering, energy storage, voltage division and other products. High-voltage ceramic capacitors have been widely used in the power supply and LED lamp industries. The sintering method is made by plating silver on ceramics as electrodes.

Where are high voltage ceramic capacitors generally used?

High-voltage ceramic capacitors have the characteristics of wear-resistant and high-voltage tolerance, and are suitable for power supply circuits, high-voltage bypass and coupling circuits, mainly for bypassing, decoupling, filtering and energy storage. The dielectric loss is particularly suitable for use in circuits such as TV receivers and scanning. Typical action can eliminate high frequency interference. With the advancement of materials, electrodes and manufacturing technology, the development of high-voltage ceramic capacitors has made great progress. High-voltage ceramic capacitors have become one of the indispensable components of high-power high-voltage electronic products.

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