Supercapacitor 2.7 V 3000F Motorcycle Battery


Electrical Characteristics:

Cylindrical shape structure, large capacity, low internal resistance, in line with ROHS lead-free requirements;

Quick charge/discharge. Provide instantaneous high current output

Fast charging of products is a trend. Supercapacitors can not only improve the fast charging capacity of the product, but also ensure the safety and stability of the product.

Tailor-made according to customer's product needs, can customize different specifications of single super capacitors, combination modules, and related energy control systems

Advanced Equipment:

Supercapacitor 2.7 V 3000F Motorcycle Battery

Application Area :

Supercapacitor 2.7 V 3000F Motorcycle Battery


1. Working current 100mA~ several hundred A, working time from microsecond to several minutes;

2. It can be used for starting devices, detonators, tax control machines, toys, electrical equipment, etc.


Q: Can super capacitors be used in series?

A: Yes. Because the working voltage of supercapacitors is low, it is often necessary to use several supercapacitors in series to increase the working voltage. Due to the imbalance of supercapacitors, it is necessary to ensure that the charging voltage of any supercapacitor is not higher than 2.5V when used in series. The solution is to use a battery equalizer.

Q: What are the features of supercapacitors compared with batteries?

A: Compared with batteries, super capacitors have the following characteristics:

a. Ultra-low series equivalent resistance (LOW ESR), power density (Power Density) is more than dozens of times that of lithium-ion batteries, suitable for high-current discharge (a 4.7F capacitor can release an instantaneous current of more than 18A).

b. Ultra-long life, charging and discharging cycles up to more than 500,000 times, which is 500 times that of Li-Ion batteries and 1,000 times that of Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries. If supercapacitors are charged and discharged 20 times a day, they can be used as long as 68 years.

c. They can be charged with a large current, the charging and discharging time is short. The requirements for the charging circuit are simple, and there is no memory effect.

d. Maintenance-free and can be sealed.

e. The temperature range is wide -40℃~+70℃, the general battery is -20℃~60℃.

f. Super capacitors can be connected in series and parallel to form a super capacitor module to increase the withstand voltage and capacitance.

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