0.01 uf 400V Poly Film Capacitor Manufacturer


Electrical Characteristics:

1. Polyester film has high mechanical strength, easy film formation (the thinnest can reach 0.6μm), good tensile strength, high elasticity and good flexibility.

2. Good heat resistance, the highest working temperature can be can be as high as 125℃. At high temperature, the film is still soft and not brittle at -60°C.

3. The dielectric constant is large.

4. Easy to metallize, high volume ratio and small size.

Product Structure Chart:

0.01 uf 400V Poly Film Capacitor Manufacturer

Production Process:

0.01 uf 400V Poly Film Capacitor Manufacturer

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

0.01 uf 400V Poly Film Capacitor Manufacturer

0.01 uf 400V Poly Film Capacitor Manufacturer

Application Area :

0.01 uf 400V Poly Film Capacitor Manufacturer


Why are polypropylene capacitors damaged?

1. The temperature is too high.

Generally, the upper operating temperature of film capacitor is 105 °C, but in actual use, if there are electronic components that generate a lot of heat next to it, or the overall temperature of the circuit is too high, it may cause the polypropylene film capacitor to burst. .

2. The voltage is too high.

For polypropylene film capacitors, different types of capacitors have different withstand voltages. If the actual voltage is much greater than the withstand voltage of the capacitor itself, the explosion of polypropylene film capacitors may occur at this time.

3. Long-term high-load working state.

People will age, and so will capacitors. If polypropylene capacitors are in a high-load working state for a long time, their interiors will inevitably be damaged, especially the evaporation of metal coatings, which will cause the capacity of polypropylene capacitors to continue to decline, and even eventually. cause the film capacitor to explode.

4. Buy low-quality film capacitors.

Some low-quality film capacitors are not sealed enough, and the entry of water vapor will cause oxidation, reduce the withstand voltage, and easily damage the film capacitors. Therefore, it is recommended to use branded film capacitors to avoid this problem.

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