CL21 Polyester Mylar Film Capacitor 104J 400V


Electrical Characteristics:

small size; light weight; high temperature resistance 125℃; wide capacity range; stable electrical performance; good self-healing; long life

Product Structure Chart:

CL21 Polyester Mylar Film Capacitor 104J 400V

Production Process:

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

CL21 Polyester Mylar Film Capacitor 104J 400V

Used for DC isolation, bypass and coupling of DC and VHF level signals. Widely used in filtering, noise reduction, and low-pulsation circuits

Certifications :

CL21 Polyester Mylar Film Capacitor 104J 400V

In order to enhance competitiveness in the international market, Zhixu Electronic has passed the ISO9001-2015 quality management system, passed UL, ENEC, CQC certification, REACH and other product certifications, and obtained a number of patents. The R&D department has many high-quality, highly educated and experienced software and hardware development and design engineer.


Q: Why would the capacitance of film capacitor decrease?

A: The capacitance of the film capacitor depends on the area of the film metal layer, so the decrease in capacitance is mainly caused by the reduction of the area of the metal plating layer affected by external factors.

In the capacitor manufacturing process, there is a trace of air between the film layers, and when the capacitor is working, the metal coating of the metalized film of ozone is oxidized immediately after encountering the oxygen decomposed by ozone, and the transparent and non-conductive metal oxides ZnO and Al2O3 are generated. The actual manifestation is that the area of the plate is reduced, and the capacitance of the capacitor is reduced. Therefore, eliminating or reducing the air between the membrane layers can slow down the capacitance decay.

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