0.01 uf Ceramic Disc Capacitor Assortment


Electrical Characteristics:


4000VAC for 1min

2000VAC for 1min

1800VAC for 1min

Capacitance Tolerance

Y5P±10%(K);Y5U,Y5V±20%(M)measured at 25℃,1Vrms,1KHz

DissipationFactor (tgδ)


Y5Vtgδ≤5%measured at25℃,1Vrms,1KHz



Operating Temperature

-40℃to +85℃; -40℃to +125℃

Temperature Characteristic


Flame Retardant Epoxy


Product Structure Chart:

0.01 uf Ceramic Disc Capacitor Assortment

Production Process:

0.01 uf Ceramic Disc Capacitor Assortment

Application Area :

0.01 uf Ceramic Disc Capacitor Assortment

Certifications :

0.01 uf Ceramic Disc Capacitor Assortment

Customer Feedback :

0.01 uf Ceramic Disc Capacitor Assortment


Q: What is the difference between safety capacitors and ordinary capacitors?

A: The discharge of safety capacitors is different from that of ordinary capacitors. Ordinary capacitors will retain the charge for a long time after the external power supply is disconnected. Electric shock may occur if one touches an ordinary capacitor by hand, while there isn’t such problem with safety capacitors.

For safety and Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC considerations), it is generally recommended to add safety capacitors to the power inlet. At the input end of the AC power supply, it is generally necessary to add 3 safety capacitors to suppress EMI conduction interference. They are used in the power supply filter to filter the power supply.

Q: What does T in Y5T stand for? 

A: It represents ultra-high voltage ceramic capacitor.

Q: How to tell the materials of Y series safety capacitors? 

A: The material is determined by the capacitance change under different temperatures.

Q: What is the operating temperature of Y capacitors? 

A: Y capacitors can operate properly when the ambient temperature is within -45°C - 85°C.

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