Safety Capacitor Assortment MKP X2 5uf 275V


Electrical Characteristics:

UL94V0 flame-retardant PBT plastic package

Small size

Very low loss

Good self-healing

Safety and environmental protection

Product Structure Chart:

Safety Capacitor Assortment MKP X2 5uf 275V

Anti-Corrosion Encapsulation

Epoxy resin powder encapsulation, environmental protection, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance

High Quality Film

Imported film with high pressure resistance

Good stability and low loss

Antioxidant Cp Line

Imported Gold Spray Technology

Laser inkjet printing technology, clear and unfading printing

Using imported automation equipment, the surface of tin-zinc material is uniform and consistent.

Moisture-proof Packaging

Moisture-proof and strong packaging technique to protect the products from being damaged or stained

Production Process:

Application Area :

Safety Capacitor Assortment MKP X2 5uf 275V

Certifications :

Safety Capacitor Assortment MKP X2 5uf 275V


How to choose a safety capacitor?

The selection method of safety capacitor is as follows:

(1) Withstand Voltage Selection:

X-type stabilized capacitors are divided into three types according to withstand voltage: X1, X2, and X3. The permissible peak pulse voltage over-potential level of the stable capacitor safety level: 2.5kV<X1≤4.0kV, X2≤2.5kV, X3≤1.2kV.

Y-type safety capacitor safety level: Y1≥250V, allowable peak pulse voltage>8KV; 150V≤Y2≤300V, allowable peak pulse voltage>5KV, Y4<150V, allowable peak pulse voltage>2.5KV.

Choose stable capacitors with different withstand voltage values according to the circuit, and cannot be too large or too small. X2 capacitors are mostly selected for X capacitors.

(2) Certification Type

Regardless of the type of electronic device, it must be verified. Safety certification also includes product safety verification, environmental certification, and power energy verification. Different countries have different electrical safety requirements. Some require ccc certification. Many, such as CQC certification in China, VDE certification in France, UL certification in the United Kingdom, ENEC certification in EU countries, and KC certification in Japan. In the case of choosing safety capacitors, different verified electronic devices should be selected according to different places and different countries.

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