NTC 10D 9 Thermistor Manufacturer


Electrical Characteristics:

NTC temperature sensor is small in size and fast in response

The lead is insulated. Flexible wire can be moderately bent.

High precision resistance value B and accurate temperature measurement

NTC chip products are lead-free and comply with EU ROHS directives

Production Process:

Application Area :

NTC 10D 9 Thermistor Manufacturer

Vacuum gauges, temperature and humidity meters, beauty equipment, power supplies, electronic toys

Gas analyzer mobile phone battery, NB battery, electric vehicle battery, medical equipment

Solar water heaters, refrigerators, automobiles, copiers, fax machines

Electronic thermometer, electronic stove, electronic pot, electric thermos

Dryer, iron, gas water heater, electric blanket, air conditioner

3C home appliances, petroleum heaters, microwave ovens

Certifications :

NTC 10D 9 Thermistor Manufacturer


Thermistor Malfunction Handling:

When an abnormality occurs in the thermistor, a short-circuit current will occur, which may cause odor, abnormal sound, smoke, etc., please be sure to connect the thermistor in series with current protection as other protection devices.

When the thermistor is working, it may exceed 110°C depending on the site (environment) conditions. Check to see if it affects surrounding parts or materials.

Abnormal thermistors not only cause the components or materials to degrade, but also emit gas from the components or materials, which often causes the components to deteriorate.

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