20KV 1000PF High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors


Electrical Characteristics:

Low Dissipation Factor of 0.1% at 1 KHZ

High Frequency ≤100KHZ

High Current ≥10A

High Voltage ≥30KVDC

High Insulation Resistance ≥100000MΩ

Long Service Life ≥10 years

Short Circuit Current ≥100A

Production Process:

20KV 1000PF High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

Advanced Equipment:

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

20KV 1000PF High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

Widely used in UPS, LED drive power, electrodeless lamps, TV adapters, LCD monitors, professional power amplifiers, HID ballasts, negative ion generators, high-power electric mosquito swatters, instrumentation, AC and DC motors, set-top boxes, switching power supplies, adapters, various control panels and other industrial and consumer electronic products.

Certifications :

20KV 1000PF High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors


Where are pf capacitors generally used?

Most of these small capacitors are used in high-frequency bypasses, and they can be used for protection when connected to crystal components. They have high withstand voltage and can be used in power supplies of household appliances such as TV, computer and radio.

What do the capacitors on the front and back of the regulator do?

The front capacitor is used for energy storage and suppresses the input ripple, which can ensure that the voltage input to the regulator is constant when the front-end voltage changes; the latter capacitor is mainly to suppress the ripple generated by the voltage regulator after voltage conversion, ensuring that the output voltage curve is smooth.

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