16V 10F Super Capacitor Module

Product features:

16V 10F Super Capacitor Module


Electrical Characteristics:

The supercapacitor module contains a voltage balance circuit between cells, with cell overvoltage protection, temperature signal, CAN communication function is added according to needs, high thermal conductivity, optimal structural design, with shell pressure relief channel, enhanced safety.

Advanced Equipment:

16V 10F Super Capacitor Module

Application Area :

16V 10F Super Capacitor Module


What will happen when the capacitor is damaged in the power supply?

1) If there is short circuit or open circuit inside the capacitor, the fault phenomenon is that the switch tube and other current limiting components are burned out, such as the current limiting resistor in the fuse and the switching power supply. The varistor may be broken down and fail.

2)For safety capacitor working in high voltage and high current, when the voltage rises for some reason and exceeds its withstand voltage value, it will be broken down and damaged by short circuit. Due to the large current flowing through the capacitor during a short circuit, the safety capacitor will burst.

3)The failure and complete leakage caused by the disappearance of the capacitor capacitance are the most difficult problem to identify and repair after the capacitor in the power supply fails. When the capacitor device is measured and tested with a multimeter, everything is normal, but after the capacitor is installed on the circuit, the capacitance of the capacitor disappears completely. This is one of the most difficult soft faults to repair in the circuit, that is, the components cannot withstand the voltage. Once there is voltage, the capacitance will disappear completely.

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