Custom Supercapacitor EDLC Module to Buy

Product features:

Custom Supercapacitor EDLC Module to Buy


Electrical Characteristics:

1. Green energy (activated carbon),no pollution to the environment.

2. Long life (100,000 times of charging), 20-200 times that of lead-acid batteries, and can share the same life with equipment.

3. The charging speed is fast (0.3 seconds-15 minutes). Many batteries have a long charging time and a short driving range.

4. High charge and discharge efficiency (98%); lead-acid battery charge and discharge efficiency is low (70%).

5. High power density (10.000W/kg); lead-acid battery power density is low (300W/kg)

6.Completely maintenance-free, operating temperature range (-40~50); the driving range of lead-acid battery electric vehicles at -40 ℃ is reduced by 90%, and the super capacitor is only reduced by 10%.

Advanced Equipment:

Custom Supercapacitor EDLC Module to Buy

Product Packaging Drawing:

Custom Supercapacitor EDLC Module to Buy

Application Area :

Custom Supercapacitor EDLC Module to Buy


What are the advantages of super capacitor modules?

The supercapacitor module is a new type of energy package composed of multiple supercapacitor cells in series, combined with a voltage equalization and discharge voltage stabilization system, and an aluminum alloy shell. The birth of supercapacitor modules makes up for the inadequacy of energy storage devices such as lead-acid batteries. The working temperature range of supercapacitor modules is -40~65℃, which solves the problem of the greatly reduced efficiency of lead-acid batteries in outdoor cold conditions. Moreover, the supercapacitor module not only has all the characteristics of the supercapacitor monomer, but also has the function of status monitoring, which can better achieve maintenance-free and easy maintenance.

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