Super Capacitor 1 Farad 5.5V Flash Light

Product features:

Super Capacitor 1 Farad 5.5V Flash Light


Electrical Characteristics:

High-current discharge capability is extremely powerful

High energy conversion efficiency with minimal process losses

High current energy cycling efficiency ≥ 90%

Relatively low power density

The product's raw material composition, production, use, storage, and disassembly processes are pollution-free, making it an ideal green and environmentally friendly power source.

The charging circuit is simple, requiring no charging circuit like that of rechargeable batteries, and long-term use is maintenance-free

Advanced Equipment:

Super Capacitor 1 Farad 5.5V Flash Light

Product Packaging Drawing:

Super Capacitor 1 Farad 5.5V Flash Light

Application Area :

Super Capacitor 1 Farad 5.5V Flash Light


What is a supercapacitor?


A supercapacitor, also known as a supercap or electrochemical capacitor, is an energy storage device similar to a battery. Unlike traditional batteries, they store energy through an electric field rather than a chemical reaction. Supercapacitors offer advantages in terms of high energy density and power density, making them suitable for applications requiring rapid energy release, such as the start and regenerative braking systems in electric vehicles.


How does a supercapacitor differ from a traditional battery?


The main distinction between a supercapacitor and a traditional battery lies in the mechanism of energy storage. Traditional batteries store and release energy through chemical reactions, whereas supercapacitors utilize an electric field to store charge. This gives supercapacitors an edge in high power density, fast charge and discharge times, and long cycle life. However, their energy density is typically lower compared to batteries. Supercapacitors find applications in scenarios requiring frequent and rapid charge-discharge cycles, while batteries are more suitable for long-term energy storage.

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