Supercapacitor 16V Energy Storage Module


Electrical Characteristics:

The supercapacitor module contains a voltage balance circuit between cells, with cell overvoltage protection, temperature signal, CAN communication function is added according to needs, high thermal conductivity, optimal structural design, with shell pressure relief channel, enhanced safety.

Advanced Equipment:

Supercapacitor 16V Energy Storage Module

Application Area :

Supercapacitor 16V Energy Storage Module

1. It is used as a power balance power supply for lifting devices, which can provide super-high current power;

2. It is used as vehicle starting power source, and its starting efficiency and reliability are higher than that of traditional batteries, and it can replace traditional batteries in whole or in part;

3. It can be used as traction energy for vehicles to produce electric vehicles, replace traditional internal combustion engines, and retrofit existing trolleybuses;

4. It can be used in the military to ensure the smooth start of tanks, armored vehicles and other combat vehicles (especially in the cold winter), and as a pulse energy for laser weapons;

5. In addition, it can also be used for energy storage of other electromechanical equipment.


Q: What is a super capacitor?

A: Supercapacitor is a new type of energy storage device that is similar to battery and can be charged and discharged. The difference between the principle of energy storage and batteries is that supercapacitors (supercapacitors of the electric double layer type) rely only on physical adsorption rather than chemical reactions. Supercapacitors have the same market as batteries and will become one of the pillars supporting the future development of mobile high-tech.

Q: What are the important energy storage devices suitable for supercapacitors?

A: Supercapacitors are mainly used in two types of energy storage markets: the automotive and fixed energy storage markets dominated by lead-acid battery and the consumer electronics market dominated by nickel and lithium batteries. Supercapacitors can be used well in these two markets and have achieved tremendous development in these two markets. The rapid progress of technology and the reduction of costs will enable it to finally establish itself as the fourth largest (or fifth largest) in the energy storage device market.

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