Hybrid Super Capacitor Module 48V


Electrical Characteristics:

48V Module Series

Low power density

Low internal resistance

1 million cycle life

Green and eco-friendly

Advanced Equipment:

Hybrid Super Capacitor Module 48V

Product Packaging Drawing:

Hybrid Super Capacitor Module 48V

Application Area :

Application Areas

Industrial Electronics

Green Energy

Power Electronics


Consumer Electronics


Q: How to choose a super capacitor module manufacturer?

A: Choose a manufacturer having the ability to produce supercapacitor modules of a longer service life. The functionality of the supercapacitor module is better than that of the traditional battery, and it is green and environmentally friendly. When choosing super capacitor, choosing a supercapacitor module manufacturer with a good reputation can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. If you don’t know how to choose, Dongguan Zhixu Electronic Co., Ltd. (also JYH HSU(JEC)) would be a perfect manufacturer to turn to.

Q: What are the advantages of supercapacitor modules?

A: The supercapacitor module is a new type of energy package composed of multiple supercapacitor cells in series, combined with a voltage equalization and discharge voltage stabilization system, and an aluminum alloy shell. The birth of supercapacitor modules makes up for the defects of energy storage devices such as lead-acid batteries. The working temperature range of supercapacitor modules is -40~65℃, which solves the greatly reduced efficiency problem of lead-acid batteries in outdoor cold conditions. Moreover, the supercapacitor module not only has all the characteristics of the supercapacitor single unit, but also has the function of status monitoring, which can better achieve maintenance-free and easy maintenance.

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