16V 120F Graphene Supercapacitor Module


Electrical Characteristics:

Small size, large capacitance, the capacitance is 30~40 times larger than that of the same volume electrolytic capacitor

Fast charging, reaching 95% of rated capacitance in 10 seconds

Strong charging and discharging ability, the number of charging and discharging can reach more than 105 times

Fail-open circuit, no over-voltage breakdown, safe and reliable

Super long life, up to 400,000 hours or more

Simple charging and discharging circuit

Voltage type: 2.3v 2.5V 2.75V 3.6V 5.5V 12.0V and other series

Capacitance range: 0.022F--10F--1000F and other series

Advanced Equipment:

16V 120F Graphene Supercapacitor Module

Product Packaging Drawing:

Application Area :

16V 120F Graphene Supercapacitor Module

Certifications :

16V 120F Graphene Supercapacitor Module


Can supercapacitors be used as battery replacements?

In some applications, supercapacitors are a replacement for batteries; in others, supercapacitors support batteries. In some cases, supercapacitors may not be able to store enough energy, and batteries may become necessary. For example, when the ambient energy source (eg, the sun) is intermittent, such as at night, the stored energy must be used not only to provide peak power, but also to support the application for longer periods of time.

If the peak power required exceeds the amount the battery can provide (such as doing GSM calls at low temperatures or low-power transmission), the battery can charge the supercapacitor with a small amount of power, and the supercapacitor provides the large pulsed power. This construction also means the battery is never deeply cycled, extending battery life. Supercapacitors store a physical charge, not a chemical reaction like a battery, so supercapacitors have practically infinite cycle life.

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