5.5V 0.33F Super Farad Capacitor Price


Electrical Characteristics:

Modular Super (Farad) Capacitor

Voltage: 5.5V

Capacitance: 3.3F

coiled structure

Small size, large capacitance, low leakage

500,000 times of charge and discharge life, no overcharge and overdischarge requirements.

The product does not contain any harmful substances and fully complies with ROHS requirements.

5.5V 0.33F Super Farad Capacitor Price

Advanced Equipment:

5.5V 0.33F Super Farad Capacitor Price

Application Area :

5.5V 0.33F Super Farad Capacitor Price

Batteries + EDLC, Water and Electricity Meters, Wireless Devices, GPS Navigation, Industrial Applications, Pulse Transmitters...

Customer Feedback :

5.5V 0.33F Super Farad Capacitor Price


What are the disadvantages of supercapacitors?

High power density, low energy density; if used improperly, it will cause electrolyte leakage; compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitors, its internal resistance is large, so it cannot be used in AC circuits.

Are supercapacitors in line with energy conservation and emission reduction?

Yes, the raw materials of supercapacitors are environmentally friendly.

In addition, supercapacitors can better absorb energy and release energy, that is, the energy utilization rate is relatively high.

For example, the battery will release about 0.6 kW·h after charging 1 degree of electricity, and the super capacitor can reach 0.9 kW·h.

How are super capacitors suitable for electric cars?

According to the characteristics of super capacitors, it is especially suitable for occasions requiring instantaneous high power. As a kind of power buffer, the supercapacitor can determine the size specification according to the maximum peak power of the system, and can also determine the size specification of the super capacitor according to the difference between the peak power and the continuous power.

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