Supercapacitor Battery Module 5.5 Farad Flash Light


Electrical Characteristics:

Rated Voltage: 5.5V

Rated Capacitance: 0.1 Farad

Capacitance Tolerance: -20~80%

Appearance: Cube

Power Characteristics: Small power

Application: Backup power source

Supercapacitor Battery Module 5.5 Farad Flash Light

Advanced Equipment:

Supercapacitor Battery Module 5.5 Farad Flash Light

Application Area :

Supercapacitor Battery Module 5.5 Farad Flash Light

Memory backup power supply, video, audio products, camera equipment, telephone, printer, notebook computer, rice cooker, washing machine, PLC, GSM mobile phone, home network cable, electric torch, flash, etc.


Why do supercapacitors lose energy so quickly?

Before answering this question, we need to know “what can affect the leakage current of a supercapacitor?”

From the point of view of the product manufacturing itself, it is the raw materials and manufacturing processes that affect the leakage current.

From the perspective of the use environment, the factors that affect the leakage current are: 

Voltage: the higher the working voltage, the greater the leakage current

Temperature: the higher the temperature in the use environment , the greater the leakage current

Capacitance: the greater the actual capacitance value, the greater the leakage current. 

Normally under the same environment conditions, when the supercapacitor is in use, the leakage current is correspondingly smaller than when it is not in use.

Supercapacitors have super large capacitance and they can only work under relatively low voltage and temperature. When the voltage and temperature radically increase, super capacitor’s capacitance will largely decrease. In order words, it lose electricity radically.

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