Green Cap Graphene Supercapacitor For Sale

Product features:

Green Cap Graphene Supercapacitor For Sale


Electrical Characteristics:

5.5V Module series

Internal series structure

Large capacitance

low internal resistance

In line with ROHS lead-free requirements: long charge-discharge cycle life

Low leakage current, suitable for use with batteries

Fully enclosed products suitable for use in humid environments

Fast charging of products has become a trend. Supercapacitors can not only improve the fast charging capability of products, but also ensure the safety and stability of products.

Tailor-made according to customer's product needs. We can customize different specifications of single super capacitors, combined modules, and related energy control systems.

Advanced Equipment:

Green Cap Graphene Supercapacitor For Sale

Application Area :

Green Cap Graphene Supercapacitor For Sale

Application Areas

Industrial Electronics

Green Energy

Power Electronics


Consumer Electronics

Customer Feedback :

Green Cap Graphene Supercapacitor For Sale


Q: What is a supercapacitor module?

A: The supercapacitor module is actually connecting multiple supercapacitors in series, and at the same time cooperates with the voltage balance and discharge voltage regulation system. Simply put, it is a new type of energy pack with many advantages. Due to the low temperature of traditional batteries, the use efficiency of the battery will decrease and the life span will be shortened. The super capacitor module has all the characteristics and advantages of the capacitor monomer, and can also monitor its own working status and make adjustments in time.

Q: What is the use of super capacitor module?

A: New energy trams are the first choice for many people's travel tools, which is lightweight, eco-friendly and saves money. To a certain extent, it solves the environmental problems caused by fuel vehicles. Moreover, using electricity is more cost-effective than refueling. The battery installed in this new energy tram is a series of supercapacitor modules, because of its strong starting efficiency and reliability, it can provide super-high current power for the car.

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