New Energy Promotes the Development of Film Capacitors

Jun. 07, 2021

     Film capacitors are featured with high insulation resistance, good heat resistance, self-healing and non-inductive properties. Their excellent high-frequency insulation performance differentiate them from other dielectric materials. On top of that, they have high temperature resistance, and small absorption coefficient. This article editor wants to talk to you about the development of film capacitors driven by new energy.

     We know that film capacitors can be used in new energy vehicles. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the number of capacitors used is also increasing. On the other hand, the development of science and technology prompts the film capacitors to upgrade.

     The good prospect of film capacitors is not only due to the development of new energy vehicles but also due to film capacitors’ unique properties. Their withstand voltage value can be directly volts, and does not need to be connected in series or parallel to meet the withstand voltage requirements. The characteristic of the dielectric material of the film capacitor also makes its calorific value very low.

     In addition, film capacitors have low ESR and can achieve higher ripple voltage. Moreover, in the electrical environment of electric new energy vehicles, film capacitors have better withstand voltage and impact resistance. Nowadays, film capacitors can cover the voltage range between 600VDC and 1200VDC more economically than other capacitors. The performance of film capacitors can meet the requirements of new energy vehicles. So this is why new energy can drive the development of film capacitors.

     The prospect of film capacitors is no doubt very promising. Choosing an outstanding film capacitor manufacturer can save you from a lot of unnecessary troubles.Dongguan Zhixu Electronic Co., Ltd. (JEC) would be a foolproof choice if you don’t know which manufacturer to choose. JEC has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. Its safety capacitors (X and Y series) and varistors have passed authoritative certifications of many countries and  its ceramic capacitors and film capacitors are in line with environmental protection directives.

New Energy Promotes the Development of Film Capacitors

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