Problems For Varistor In Switching Power Supply

Dec. 01, 2021

Varistor is a common electronic component which can be used in switching power supply to protect the circuit from damage. In addition, the varistor also has the effect of lightning protection. This article will tell you about the problems encountered by the varistor in the switching power supply.

The Function Of Varistor In Switching Power Supply:

The characteristic of a varistor is that when the voltage applied to it is lower than its threshold value "UN", the current flowing through it is extremely small, which is equivalent to a closed valve. When the voltage exceeds UN, it flows through it. The current surge is equivalent to the valve opening. Therefore, the abnormal overvoltage that often occurs in the circuit can be suppressed, and the circuit can be protected from the damage of the overvoltage.

Someone tried to add two varistors to the switching power supply, which failed the 1kv test.

The following measures may be taken to resolve the problem: 1) Choose a lower voltage varistor for the test sample, and choose the current product for the actual product. 2) PCB redrawing, varistors can be connected in series and parallel, with higher adjustability. 3) Add one more level of NTC and varistor.

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Problems For Varistor In Switching Power Supply

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