Reasons for the High Temperature of Film Capacitors

Aug. 05, 2022

When the weather is very hot in summer, the home appliance body feels hot to the touch. In fact, many home appliances will heat up when they are in use, such as refrigerators. Although the refrigerator cools things down, its body shell is hot when it is working. The capacitors that make up the home appliance also heat up, but the degree of heat generation is different.

For example, film capacitors are electronic components that are not easy to generate heat. Film capacitors generate heat by themselves, and the heat generation is small and the temperature is not high, which is a normal phenomenon. The internal temperature of the film capacitor will increase slightly during use, but under normal circumstances, the temperature of the film capacitor will not be too high when it heats up. If the heating temperature is too high, it is abnormal. The high temperature will also greatly reduce the use time of the film capacitor.

Reasons for the High Temperature of Film Capacitors

So what are the reasons for the serious heating of the film capacitor and the high temperature? There are several reasons:

1. The ambient temperature is too high

Since the ambient temperature is too high, the film capacitor heats itself, yet the heat cannot be dissipated. Just like in hot summer the ambient temperature exceeds your body temperature, if you do not manage to cool yourself down, you may suffer from sunstroke. The same is true for film capacitors. When the ambient temperature is too high, the heat generated by the film capacitor cannot be dissipated, the working time of the film capacitor will be shortened in the long run.

2. Improper selection of film capacitors

The wrong type of film capacitor is selected during use, for example, the voltage exceeding the rated voltage. After the voltage exceeds the rated voltage, it will become hot, and it may break down.

3. Use inferior film capacitors

Many manufacturers rely on the use of inferior materials to lower the manufacturing cost of film capacitors. However, the inferior film capacitor itself is not well-crafted, and it is easy to be broken down during operation, and in severe cases, it will burst and cause the loss of electrical appliances.

For the sake of safety, it’s advisable to use capacitors with quality assurance. JYH HSU(JEC) Electronics Ltd (or Dongguan Zhixu Electronic Co., Ltd.) has over 30 years in the electronic components industry. Our factories are ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified. If you're looking for electronic components, welcome to contact us.

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