The Unit of Super Capacitor

Sep. 22, 2021

Supercapacitors, also known as electrochemical capacitors, electric double-layer capacitors, gold capacitors, and farad capacitors, are electrochemical components developed from the 1970s and 1980s that use polarized electrolytes to store energy. Supercapacitors have a farad-level large capacity, their power density is much higher than that of ordinary batteries, and they have the characteristics of high charge and discharge efficiency, green environmental protection, and no maintenance required. In this article, we'll talk about the units of super capacitors.

The advantages of supercapacitors: ①Farad-level capacitance in a small volume; ②No special charging circuit and control discharge circuit are required; ③Compared with batteries, overcharging and overdischarging will not have a negative impact on their service life; ④From the perspective of environmental protection, it is a kind of green energy; ⑤Super capacitors can be welded, so there is no such problem as weak battery contact.

Unit introduction of super capacitor:

Farad, referred to as "F"

1 farad is when the capacitor stores 1 coulomb of electricity, the potential difference between the two plates is 1 volt 1F=1C/1V;

1 Coulomb is the amount of electricity transported by 1A current in 1 second, that is, 1C=1A·S;

1 coulomb = 1 ampere·second;

1 farad = 1 ampere·second/volt;

The discharge capacity of battery 12V 14Ah =14*3600*1/12=4200 Farad (F), (Note: 12V 14Ah battery is connected in series by 6 2v14Ah, if you change it to 6 fast parallel connection then it is equal to 2v84Ah, converted to 1v is 168Ah). 

The Unit of Super Capacitor

The above content is content about the super capacitor unit. Hopefully it's helpful to everyone. When purchasing supercapacitors, you should choose manufacturers with guaranteed quality. Good manufacturers can reduce unnecessary troubles.

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