Understand the Temperature Control Thermistor

Dec. 13, 2021

The temperature control thermistor is actually the thermistor, which is an electronic product sensitive to temperature and used in many industries.

The main function of the thermistor is to control the temperature. This article will tell you how the thermistor control temperature and what are the application ranges of the temperature-controlled thermistor.

A temperature-controlled thermistor, as the name suggests, is a temperature-sensitive resistor, and its resistance value will change with temperature changes.

Different from the resistance thermometer using pure metal, the material used in the thermistor is usually ceramic or polymer. As for positive temperature coefficient thermistor, the higher the temperature, the greater the resistance value, while for negative temperature coefficient thermistor, the higher the resistance, the lower the resistance value. They are both semiconductor device.

Understand the Temperature Control Thermistor

Thermistors usually achieve higher accuracy within a limited temperature range, usually -90°C -130°C. Thermistors can be used in temperature control circuits. In fact, refrigerators with electronic thermostats are used thermistors. Not only that, but many household appliances contain thermistors.

The component can control temperature, which can avoid damage to electrical appliances due to unsuitable temperature. It should be noted that ordinary thermistors have no RT curve parameters, and parameter dispersion may be possible. It will be relatively large and poor in linearity. 

After reading this article, are you clear about temperature-controlled thermistors? In addition to their applications in electrical appliances, they are also used in many electrical equipment.

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