What is and How to Choose a Safety Capacitor

Mar. 25, 2022

Safety capacitors are an unfamiliar word to many people, yet hey are closely related to our lives. Maybe you haven't noticed, but the existence of safety capacitors provides convenience for our lives and secure our lives. Today, let's reveal the true face of safety capacitors.

What is a capacitor? Capacitor refers to the device that holds the charge. Capacitors are divided into various types, safety capacitors, film capacitors, super capacitors, etc. Today, we mainly talk about safety capacitors.

Safety capacitors can rapid discharge after the external power supply is disconnected, and there will be no inductance when touched by hand. Ordinary capacitors can retain the charge for a long time after the external power supply is disconnected, and touch with hands will feel electric shock; There is no such problem with safety capacitors, so safety capacitors are usually used on power switches.

Compared with ordinary capacitors, safety capacitors have the following advantages:

①Quality is guaranteed, with CQC, UL, ENEC, KC and other certifications;

②Safety capacitors of the same specification can be used several times longer than ordinary capacitors;

③After the safety capacitor fails, it will not cause electric shock and will not cause human injury.

Since safety capacitors will not be charged after failure and will not cause harm to the human body, most of the safety capacitors are used in daily life, and a small number of ordinary capacitors are used.

What is and How to Choose a Safety Capacitor

So how to choose a safety capacitor?

1. Look at the size of the model: There are two types of safety capacitors: X capacitors and Y capacitors. Choose the appropriate safety capacitors according to the circuit requirements. If you don't know how to choose the model, you can consult the manufacturer.

2. Look at the safety certification: the real safety capacitor must be certified by a formal organization to be a safety capacitor. JEC safety capacitors have CQC, UL, ENEC, KC, VDE and other certifications.

After reading the above content, everyone have some understanding of safety capacitors, and also know how to choose a suitable safety capacitor. When choosing a safety capacitor, please look for a regular safety capacitor manufacturer! Dongguan Zhixu Electronic Co., Ltd. (also JYH HSU(JEC)) has a full range of varistor and capacitor models with guaranteed quality. Welcome to contact us for samples or for business cooperation.

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