X2 Safety Capacitor 1uf 275Vac Capacitor


Product Structure Chart:

X2 Safety Capacitor 1uf 275Vac Capacitor

Imported High-pressure Resistant Film

Produced with imported automatic cargo equipment

Carefully selected imported films with high pressure resistance, good stability performance and low loss. In terms of machinery, we use imported automatic cargo equipment to carry out rigorous mass production and encapsulation. We use epoxy resin powder, which is environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, and has strong moisture resistance

Laser Coding And Printing

Environmental protection and corrosion resistance

The high-precision electrical performance tester ensures that each capacitor is 100% fully inspected. The defective rate of shipment is low, the stability is high, and the delivery date is accurate.

Production Process:

X2 Safety Capacitor 1uf 275Vac Capacitor

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Q: What are the difference between X capacitors and Y capacitors?

A: X capacitors are connected across the two lines of the power line, that is, between "L-N". X capacitors can suppress differential mode interference. Metallized film capacitors are usually used, and the capacitance is uF.

X capacitors are mostly square, which is similar to the shape of a box, and their surface is generally marked with safety certification marks and withstand voltage.

Although X capacitors are one type of CBB capacitors, but not every CBB capacitor can be used as X capacitors - they must meet safety standards.

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