Chip 0.1 uf Monolithic Capacitor Factory


Electrical Characteristics:

Large capacitance (up to 1uF) in small size

Long life, high reliability

Relatively stable capacitance

Small temperature drift coefficient

Low high frequency impedance

High temperature resistance, good insulation

Small equivalent DC resistance, large allowable pulsating current

Production Process:

Chip 0.1 uf Monolithic Capacitor Factory

Application Area :

Computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, printers, fax machines, etc.

As a fundamental component of the electronics industry, monolithic capacitors are widely used in more and more fields, and are widely used in various electronic product manufacturing technologies and electronic machines. It is indispensable in the circuit design of many electronic products or power supply parts.

Certifications :

Chip 0.1 uf Monolithic Capacitor Factory


What are the advantages and applications of multi-layer ceramic capacitors?

Multi-layer ceramic capacitors are a type of ceramic capacitors. It is characterized by small size, large capacitance, good stability, low loss rate during high frequency use, and is suitable for mass production. In recent years, the consumer electronics, communication equipment and automotive industries have boomed, especially the growth in demand and sales of mobile phones and electric vehicles, driving strong demand. At present, industries such as consumer electronics and automotive electronics will continue to develop rapidly, so that multilayer ceramic capacitors have a very promising future.

What is the structure of multilayer ceramic capacitors?

The structure of multilayer ceramic capacitors mainly includes three parts: ceramic dielectric, metal inner electrode, and metal outer electrode. The multi-layer chip ceramic capacitor is a multi-layer stacked structure. Simply put, it is a parallel body of multiple simple parallel plate capacitors.

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