Relationship Between Thermistor And Temperature Sensor

Aug. 03, 2022

Both temperature sensor and thermistor can be used to measure temperature. How are they related? Are they the same device, just named differently? 

Thermistor is a non-linear resistor made of semiconductor material, and its resistance is sensitive to temperature. Within a certain temperature range, the resistance changes with the change of temperature. Thermistor has the advantages of sensitive resistance temperature effect, small size, fast response, good performance, etc., and can be used in electronic medical thermometers, consumer electronics temperature detection, etc.

The temperature sensor refers to a sensor that can sense the temperature and convert the temperature into a usable output signal. When using a temperature sensor, you can know the measured temperature value by measuring the magnitude of the electrical signal. The temperature sensor is divided into: semiconductor diode sensor, thermocouple sensor, thermistor sensor according to the material.

Relationship Between Thermistor And Temperature Sensor

The working principle of the temperature sensor: the metal reacts accordingly when the ambient temperature changes, and the temperature sensor can convert the temperature change signal in different ways and then output it. Temperature sensors are widely used in air-conditioning systems, refrigerators, rice cookers, fans and other household appliances, as well as in industry, aviation, marine development and other fields.

When the thermistor measures temperature as a temperature sensor, when the temperature changes, its own resistance value also changes with the temperature. Through a bridge circuit or a simpler voltage divider circuit, the resistance change can be converted into a voltage signal, and the voltage signal can be input into a microcontroller with an A/D converter to measure and control the temperature.

That is to say, the thermistor itself is a temperature sensor, but the temperature sensor is not necessarily a thermistor, the temperature sensor can also be a thermocouple, an analog thermometer IC.

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