About CB and CBB Film Capacitors

Mar. 30, 2022

Film capacitors are electronic components developed on the basis of the paper dielectric capacitor technology invented in the 1930s in the second half of the 19th century. Film capacitors use plastic films as dielectrics, so they are called film capacitors.

Due to their many excellent characteristics, film capacitors are widely used in the market and have many types. This article will tell you something about polystyrene film capacitors and polypropylene film capacitors.

Polystyrene Film Capacitors (CB):

Polystyrene film capacitors (polystyrene-film-capacitors type: PSR, PSA) are made of electronic grade polystyrene film as the medium and high-conductivity aluminum foil as the electrode to be wound into a cylindrical shape, and made by heat shrink sealing. The capacitance is between 100pF~0.01uF, and the rated voltage between: 100V--30KV.


①The capacitance range of CB capacitors is wide, generally 10pF - 2μF.

②High insulation resistance and good capacitance stability.

③Good self-healing ability.

④ The temperature coefficient is small.

⑤ It can be made into precision capacitors, and the allowable deviation can reach ± 0.1%.

⑦ The production process is simple and the cost is low.

It is used in various precision measuring instruments; car radios; industrial proximity switches and high-precision digital-to-analog conversion circuits.

About CB and CBB Film Capacitors

Polypropylene Capacitor (CBB):

Polypropylene film capacitor uses a metal foil as an electrode, and after overlapping it with a polypropylene film from both ends, it is wound into a cylindrical capacitor. The capacitance is between 1000pF--10uF, and the rated voltage is 63V--2000V.


① Very low loss

②The medium absorption coefficient is low;

③High insulation resistance;

④Good frequency characteristics;

⑤Excellent self-healing property and high stability.

It is used in five common occasions such as filter circuit, motor startup, interference reduction, resistance-capacitance step-down, and the function of signal circuit.

The above is the content of polystyrene film capacitors and polypropylene film capacitors. After reading this article, you might know the differences between polystyrene film capacitors and polypropylene film capacitors, and have more understanding on the selection of film capacitors.

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