Distinguish Between Varistor and Y Capacitor

Mar. 31, 2022

Varistors and safety Y capacitors are electronic components and are widely used in daily life. However, some varistors have a similar appearance with safety Y capacitors. Many people can't tell which is which. Read this article to learn how to distinguish a varistor and a safety Y capacitors.

It is actually very simple to distinguish between a varistor and a safety Y capacitor. Through the parameters on the body, we can know which is a varistor and which is a safety Y capacitor.

Distinguish Between Varistor and Y Capacitor

Varistor screen printing parameters:

1. JEC: The varistor brand is JEC

2. 07: The diameter of the varistor is 7MM

3. D: The shape is the di type

4. 471: The rated voltage is 470V

5. K: Voltage deviation is ±10%

6. Passed certification icons: UL, CQC, TUV and other certifications

20/06: Production time is June 2020

Distinguish Between Varistor and Y Capacitor

Safety Y capacitor screen printing parameters:

1. JEC: The safety Y capacitor brand is JEC

2. JD: double insulation

3. 472: The capacitance is 0.0047uF=4700pF

4. M: capacitance tolerance ±20%

5. Y1: The model is plug-in safety Y1 ceramic capacitor

6. Safety certification of capacitors: CQC, ENEC, VDE, UL, KC

7. Manufacture standards for capacitors

After reading this article, are you able to distinguish between varistors and safety Y capacitors? When purchasing electronic components, you must choose regular manufacturers! The quality of electronic components produced by regular manufacturers is guaranteed, and there is no after-sales problems. If you're not sure about the selection, you can always turn to a professional manufacturer for help. Dongguan Zhixu Electronic Co., Ltd. (also JYH HSU(JEC)) has engaged in the electronic component industry for many years, and our technical engineers can help you solve related problems. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need samples.

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