About the Replacement and Maintenance of Thermistors

Dec. 29, 2021

Thermistor is one of the common capacitors. With the development of technology, thermistor has been applied in various fields. This article will talk about what we should pay attention to if the thermistor needs to be repaired or replaced in the air conditioner of the car.

The working principle of thermistor:

The thermistor usually remains inactive for a long time. When the ambient temperature and current are in zone C, the heat dissipation power of the thermistor is close to the heating power, so the thermistor may or may not operate. When the ambient temperature is relatively high, the thermistor has a shorter action time and smaller maintaining current and action current.

The thermistor is used in the automatic air-conditioning of automobiles, and its function is to maintain the same temperature during driving. The thermistor has different resistance values at different temperatures, and the trip computer will control the start and stop of the automobile air-conditioning compressor according to the resistance range, so as to prevent the temperature of a certain part from being too high to affect the air conditioner.

If the thermistor is broken, it will affect the service life of the air conditioning of the car. When the thermistor is repaired or replaced, some thermistors are not marked with relevant parameters, and it is often difficult to confirm the brand, model, and resistance. At this time, we need to understand the relevant model parameters clearly, consult experienced manufacturers for advice, and find a suitable thermistor.

About the Replacement and Maintenance of Thermistors

In addition to improper use of the thermistor, the thermistor is easy to be damaged if the thermistor's quality is bad. Therefore, to purchase quality guaranteed thermistors, you need to find a reliable thermistor manufacturer first. A trustworthy manufacturer has complete models and experienced technical engineers to assist in the selection and circuit problems.

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