Influence of Improper Connection of Film Capacitors

Aug. 09, 2021

The film capacitor has many excellent characteristics, so it is a kind of capacitor with superior performance. Its main characteristics are as follows: high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and low dielectric loss. Based on the above advantages, film capacitors are widely used in analog circuits. Especially in the signal cross-connection part, capacitors with good frequency characteristics and extremely low dielectric loss must be used to ensure that the signal will not be distorted too much when it is transmitted.

Improper wire connection method mainly occurs in the application of multiple parallel circuits of film capacitors. Because of the wiring method and the different wiring intervals, the shunt of each parallel film capacitor in the electronic circuit is different, which is manifested in multiple parallel thin film capacitors, and the temperature rise of each is different. If the temperature rise of the film capacitors in some locations is too high, it will cause accidents of destruction.

Influence of Improper Connection of Film Capacitors

Influence of Improper Connection of Film Capacitors

Therefore, the improper connection of the film capacitor will affect the subsequent use and also affect the service life of the film capacitor. Proper wiring and connection of the parallel connection of the film capacitors should be done as much as possible to increase the service life of the film capacitors. If novices are new to film capacitors and do not understand the wiring method, they can consult a regular manufacturer to avoid unnecessary problems.

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