Selection Guide for High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

Nov. 10, 2020

Just as the name implies, high voltage ceramic capacitors refer to the capacitors that apply to high voltage circuits, so it requires good withstand voltage performance. Normally it’s above 1kv or 10kv. Below three tips can help you select a suitable model of high voltage capacitor more quickly.

 Selection Guide for High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors


1) Capacitance and Tolerance

Select the capacity by the specified nominal value on the capacitor. As for the tolerance, there are various ranks, when applying to low-frequency coupling circuits, decoupling circuits, power supply filtering circuits, etc., we can choose tolerance of 5%, 10%, and 20%. But for those applied to the oscillation circuit, delay circuit, and tone control circuit, it requires higher precision in capacitance. Various filters and networks even require much higher precision.

 Selection Guide for High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

2) Withstand Voltage

To ensure the normal operation of high voltage capacitors, the withstand voltage we select should be higher than its actual working voltage, normally we choose those withstand voltage is more than twice of the actual working voltage.

 Selection Guide for High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

3) Temperature Coefficient, High-Frequency Characteristics, and Other Parameters

When applying to oscillating circuits, like the oscillating elements, the phase-shifting network element, filter, etc., to ensure its performance, we should choose the one with a low-temperature coefficient. When applying to high-frequency circuits, due to the influence of its inductance, lead inductance, and high-frequency loss, the performance of high voltage capacitors will be poor.

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