Supercapacitors Smaller Than a Grain of Dust

Mar. 17, 2023

Supercapacitor is a new type of advanced and environmentally friendly energy storage device, which is between traditional capacitors and chemical batteries. It has the discharge power of traditional capacitors and the ability of chemical batteries to store charges. Compared with ordinary capacitors of the same size, the capacitance of supercapacitors reaches the Farad level, so supercapacitors are also called farad capacitors.

The specifications and models of supercapacitors are different. Some supercapacitors are too big to hold in one hand, and some supercapacitors are as small as a clothes button. However, no matter how small a supercapacitor is, it is not so small. But do you believe there are supercapacitors that are smaller than dust?

This supercapacitor, which is smaller than dust, was researched and successfully developed by a research team led by German scientist Professor Oliver G. Schmidt. Why develop a supercapacitor smaller than a grain of dust?

Currently, microelectronic sensors and microelectronic robots are successfully developed and implemented in biomedicine and human medicine, and they can be used for medical treatment of human blood vessels, but the existing energy storage devices in the submillimeter range are micro supercapacitors. Electrolyte has the risk of leakage and is not compatible with organisms. It is not suitable for medical applications in the human body. Therefore, it is a challenge to develop miniature, effective, and biocompatible energy storage devices that can operate reliably in the human body.

Supercapacitors Smaller Than a Grain of Dust

Fortunately, this problem was overcome by a research team led by German scientist Professor Oliver G. Schmidt. This kind of capacitor, which is smaller than dust, is called a micro supercapacitor.

The volume of a micro supercapacitor is only 0.01 cubic millimeter. It is currently known that ultra-small energy storage devices are generally larger than 3 cubic millimeters. The micro supercapacitor developed by the team led by German scientist Professor Schmidt is 1/3000 of the ultra-small energy storage device. The space is smaller than a grain of dust, barely visible to the naked eye. But it contains a lot of energy, which can provide a voltage of up to 1.6 volts.

The emergence of micro-supercapacitors can help people diagnose diseases, deliver drugs in the human body, etc., and will be widely used in the field of biomedicine.

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