Temp Measurement and Compensation of Thermistors

Jul. 15, 2021

The thermistor is a sensor resistance whose resistance value changes with temperature. According to the temperature coefficient, it can be divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistor and negative temperature coefficient thermistor. Thermistor has many functions. Let's read this article to find out.

Sensor Temperature Measurement

As a thermistor sensor for measuring temperature, the general structure is simpler and the price is relatively low. The thermistor without an outer protective layer can only be used in dry places. The sealed thermistor is not afraid of moisture erosion and can be used in harsh environments. Because the resistance of the thermistor sensor is relatively large, the resistance and contact resistance of its connecting wire can be ignored. Therefore, the thermistor sensor can be used to measure temperature at a distance of several kilometers, and the measurement circuit mostly uses a bridge. Using this principle, it can also be used as other temperature measurement and temperature control circuits.

Temperature compensation

The thermistor sensor can compensate the humidity of certain components within a certain temperature range. For example, the moving coil in the head of a moving-coil meter is made of copper wire. As the temperature rises, the resistance increases, causing temperature errors. Therefore, the thermistor with negative temperature coefficient can be connected in parallel with the manganese-copper wire resistance in the loop of the moving coil and then connected in series with the compensated component to offset the error caused by the internal temperature change. In transistor circuits and logarithmic amplifiers, thermistors are also commonly used to form compensation circuits.

The Temperature Measurement and Compensation Functions of Thermistors

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