The Structure of Super Capacitor

Oct. 29, 2021

Supercapacitors are used in many fields, such as smart watches, digital cameras, handheld computers, and so on. Supercapacitor is a new type of energy storage device between traditional capacitors and batteries. It has the advantages of high power density, large capacity, long service life, maintenance-free, economical and environmental protection. How much do you know about the structure of supercapacitors? This article will talk about the structure of supercapacitors.

The use and application of supercapacitor decide the structure of the supercapacitor. The materials may be slightly different due to manufacturer or specific application requirements. The commonality of all supercapacitors is that they contain a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a separator between the two electrodes. The electrolyte fills the two pores separated by the two electrodes and the separator.

The supercapacitor structure is composed of a porous electrode material with a high specific surface area, a current collector, a porous battery separator and an electrolyte. The electrode material and the current collector should be closely connected to reduce the contact resistance; the diaphragm should meet the conditions of having the highest possible ionic conductivity and the lowest possible electronic conductivity, generally a fiber-structured electronic insulating material, such as polypropylene film. The type of electrolyte is selected according to the nature of the electrode material.

The Structure of Super Capacitor

The components of a supercapacitor can vary from product to product. This is determined by the geometry of the supercapacitor packaging. For the placement of prismatic or square packaged product components, the internal structure is based on the arrangement of internal components, that is, the internal collector is extruded from the stack of each electrode. These collector pads will be soldered to the terminals, thereby extending the current path outside the capacitor.

For round or cylindrical packaged products, the electrodes are cut into reel configuration. Solder the electrode foil to the terminal to expand the external capacitive current path. 

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