Basic Parameters and Functions of Film Capacitors

Nov. 01, 2021

Why do we often say that before using a capacitor, we must understand its parameters and functions? Because only we are familiar with this capacitor, we know how to make the best of its performance. This article will tell you about the basic parameters and functions of film capacitors.

The Basic Parameters Of Film Capacitors:

①Rated DC voltage: it is the DC voltage that is allowed to be continuously applied in the entire temperature range.

②Dielectric strength: the voltage that the capacitor's dielectric can withstand, which is higher than the test voltage.

③Rated AC voltage: The effective value of AC voltage that the capacitor can continuously apply under AC voltage.

④Test voltage: The voltage applied to the capacitor in the form test before the capacitor leaves the factory, generally 1.5~2 times, and the duration is 2 minutes or 500 hours.

The Role Of Film Capacitors:

①The function of the film capacitor is the same as that of all capacitors, which is to store the charge.

② But compared with other general capacitors, film capacitors have many excellent characteristics, so they are a kind of capacitor with superior performance. Its main characteristics are as follows: non-polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and low dielectric loss.

③Metallized film capacitor has a so-called self-healing effect, that is, when the tiny part of the electrode is short-circuited due to the fragile electrical boundary, it will cause the electrode metal around the short-circuited part to melt and evaporate a much larger part to restore the insulation, due to the electrostatic energy or short-circuit current carried by the capacitor at that time. In other words, it can heal itself instantly.

Basic Parameters and Functions of Film Capacitors

The above content is about the parameters and functions of film capacitors. More often, we must know how to use capacitors to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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