The Application Scenarios of Super Capacitors

Sep. 01, 2021

Super Capacitors are well known for their large power, large current, and wide working range. In this article we will talk about what scenarios the supercapacitor will be used in. Read on to learn more.

A super capacitor is a capacitor whose capacitance reaches a farad level. The word "super" means that compared with ordinary capacitors, it has a large electric energy storage capacity, while at the same time it also retains a strong power characteristic. This provides opportunities for certain applications - fast charging and discharging, fast charge and slow discharging (long discharge time), and slow charging and fast discharging.

Super capacitors also have some other unique energy storage advantages:

①Environment: The working temperature of super capacitor is -40℃~70℃, which basically meets environmental requirements of many products;

②Safety: Needle punching, squeezing, vibration, impact, burning, etc. will not cause a supercapacitor to explode;

③Use time: more than 1 million charging and discharging cycles. Generally, using a supercapacito for more than 10 years is not a problem.

The Application Scenarios of Super Capacitors

Supercapacitors are used in the following scenarios:

① Instant high power, such as UAV ejection device;

②Short-term current supply, such as a police flashlight;

③Working conditions with frequent acceleration (downward) and deceleration (upward), such as braking energy recovery device;

④Starting of diesel vehicles in extreme cold weather or battery failure;

⑤Back-up power for wind power generation, solar thermal power generation, nuclear power, etc.;

⑥Various kinds of high-reliability, maintenance-free, high-power-density backup power supplies

In addition to what mentioned above, super capacitors will surely applied in more scenarios. The prospects of supercapacitors are no doubt very great. Due to higher requirement of performance and quality, capacitors in the future will rise to the next level. To purchase supercapacitors, you should choose a reliable manufacturer. 

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