The Difference Between MPX And MKP

Jul. 27, 2022

In household electricity and electronic products, safety is an issue that cannot be ignored. Bad capacitors are prone to short circuits, leakage, and even fires in severe cases. The application of safety capacitors can avoid most of these problems.

Safety capacitors refer to capacitors that will discharge rapidly after the external power supply is disconnected, and will not have touch inductance when touched by hand. After using a safety capacitor, even if the capacitor fails, it will not cause electric shock and will not endanger personal safety.

Safety capacitors are divided into safety X capacitors and safety Y capacitors. Safety X capacitors are further divided into X1 capacitors, X2 capacitors and X3 capacitors. Safety X2 capacitors are used more in electronic products.

The Difference Between MPX And MKP

Many X2 capacitors on the market have the words MPX and MKP printed on them, so what do the MPX and MKP printed on X2 safety capacitors mean?

In fact, MPX and MKP represent the material of the capacitor, both of which use polypropylene film as the dielectric, zinc-aluminum alloy attached to the surface of the film by vacuum evaporation to form electrodes, and capacitors made by non-inductive winding or lamination. X2 capacitor has the characteristics of high withstand voltage, high insulation resistance, good impedance frequency characteristics (small parasitic inductance), low impedance, and strong self-healing properties. It is suitable for high frequency, DC, AC, coupling, and jumper pulse circuits. If the capacitor fails, there will be no electric shock and endanger personal safety.

Then why some safety X2 capacitors are printed with the words MKP, and some safety X2 capacitors are printed with the words MPX, this is because each manufacturer defines the name of the safety X2 capacitor differently, and manufacturers may use different names when declaring product categories. Some manufacturers’ declaration is MPX, and some declarations are MKP. In fact, whatever the name, they are all polypropylene film capacitors, and they all use metallized polypropylene film as the material and the application is the same.

Select a reliable manufacturer when purchasing capacitors can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble. JYH HSU (or Dongguan Zhixu Electronics) not only has full models of ceramic capacitors with guaranteed quality, but also offers worry-free after-sales. JEC factories has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification; JEC safety capacitors (X capacitors and Y capacitors) and varistors have passed the certification of various countries; JEC ceramic capacitors, film capacitors and super capacitors are in line with low carbon indicators.

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