The Mission of Super Capacitors

Mar. 02, 2022

When it comes to new energy, everyone will think of supercapacitors. In recent years, due to the great circulation and integration of various industries, there is a rapid development in the manufacturing industry, which has driven a large demand for energy and energy storage. However, the environmental stress of overall carbon emissions is also increasing. The emergence of supercapacitors has given a change to this problem.

As we all know, in the industrial chain driven by new energy, lithium-ion batteries are characterized by high product density, and have become the power of choice for passenger vehicles. Supercapacitors are characterized by high power density and become an indispensable system for passenger cars, rail transit startups, and energy recovery applications.

The automotive applications of supercapacitors mainly include auxiliary drives for passenger cars, start-stop power supplies for trucks, braking energy recovery systems and suspension power supplies for passenger cars, and fast-charging public transportation. With the development of smart electric vehicles, supercapacitors have potential application value in redundant power supply to meet the reliability requirements of automobile functions.

There are also many vehicle manufacturers that have launched models with supercapacitors. With the development of electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing of automobiles, supercapacitors have potential application value in reliable redundant power supply and comfort systems to meet the requirements of reliable functions and comfort of automobiles.

In the field of rail transit, the supercapacitor energy storage system as the application of energy feedback system and power system has entered the large-scale promotion and application. Taking the application of the subway regenerative energy feedback system as an example, the monthly power saving of a single subway line is 27,000 kWh, and the annual power saving is about 33%. 10,000 degrees.

The Mission of Super Capacitors

The simultaneous system of supercapacitors and hydrogen fuel cells is hailed as a more reasonable match. Many traditional passenger car companies with internal combustion engines, stubborn in this competition in the new energy industry, have chosen green industries.

The development of new energy has undoubtedly driven super capacitors, and it is believed that the development of super capacitors will be even better in the future! For more information about the development of electronic components, please keep an eye on our website:

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