The Selection of Varistor

Apr. 13, 2022

For electronic components, the correct selection is very important. In order to help novices to quickly select the type, this article provides a guide for the selection of varistors.

Advantages of Varistor

1)A variety of surge absorption capacity: standard, high surge, ultra high surge, the physical size of the varistor determines its surge absorption capacity;

2)The wide range of variable resistance voltage is 18V-1800V, and its accuracy is usually around 10%, which can meet the application requirements of low voltage to high voltage;

3)The monomer flow can reach hundreds of amperes to tens of thousands of amperes;

4)The response speed is ns level, which is slower than TVS tube and faster than gas discharge tube;

5)Diversified sizes, various lead types: straight, bent and other special lead types;

The Selection Method of Varistor

Selection Method of Varistor:

1)The selection of varistor voltage should consider factors such as power supply voltage fluctuation, MOV voltage accuracy, and MOV aging coefficient;

2) The clamping voltage of the MOV should be less than the transient voltage that can be withstand in the subsequent stage of the protected circuit;

3) In communication circuits or low-power circuits, special attention should be paid to MOV junction capacitance and leakage current, and the normal operation of the line should not be affected;

4) MOV is an aging-type component. When applying it, considering the use environment, the number and method of test standard impacts, and refer to the derating curve of the varistor for details;

5) Package form, varistor, all plug-in components, the size is proportional to the flow rate, the larger the size, the larger the flow rate, the greater the impact current resistance, and the more reliable the circuit protection; vice versa.

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