Things You Should Know about Ceramic Capacitors

Apr. 15, 2022

In electronic products, capacitor is an indispensable electronic component. Different capacitors have different uses and advantages,but many people do not know much about capacitors. This article will briefly introduce one type of capacitors: ceramic capacitors.

Definition and Advantages of Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic capacitors, also known as ceramic dielectric capacitors, are made of high dielectric constant ceramics extruded into circular tubes, discs or discs as a medium, coated with a metal film (usually silver), electrodes formed by sintering at high temperature, and then lead wires are welded on the electrodes, and the surface is coated with protective enamel or encapsulated with epoxy resin. The shape is disc-shaped, mostly blue, but also yellow. Different ceramic materials have different properties.

Ceramic capacitors have the advantages of good heat resistance, excellent insulation performance, simple structure and low price, but the characteristics of different ceramic materials are very different, and the correct model should be selected according to the application and requirements.

The Classification of Ceramic Capacitors

There are many varieties of ceramic capacitors, which can be divided into high frequency ceramic capacitors, high dielectric constant ceramic capacitors and semiconductor ceramic capacitors according to temperature characteristics; According to working voltage, they can be divided into ultra-high voltage, high voltage, low voltage and AC ceramic capacitors; according to structural shape they can be divided into disc shape, tube shape, drum shape, bottle shape, cylinder shape, plate shape, laminated sheet, monolithic shape, block shape, pillar type, through-center type, etc.

Things You Should know about Ceramic Capacitors

Selection of Ceramic Capacitors

Different types of ceramic capacitors have different applications, and we have to choose them according to their characteristics. For example, high-frequency ceramic capacitors are suitable for resonant circuits due to their low dielectric loss and high insulation resistance, as well as other circuits that require low loss and stable capacitance or temperature compensation; high dielectric constant capacitors have high dielectric constant, large capacitance and small size, so they are suitable for bypass, coupling, DC blocking and filtering circuits; semiconductor ceramic capacitors have the characteristics of large capacitance and small size, and are suitable for filtering, bypass, coupling and other circuits.

Due to the wide variety of ceramic capacitors, many people will inevitably make mistakes when choosing ceramic capacitors, resulting in unusable ceramic capacitors and property damage. Therefore, it’s advised that everyone choose regular capacitor manufacturers when purchasing ceramic capacitors. Regular capacitor manufacturers can help you avoid many problems.

If you're not sure about the selection, you can always turn to a professional manufacturer for help. Dongguan Zhixu Electronic Co., Ltd. (also JYH HSU(JEC)) has engaged in the electronic component industry for many years, and our technical engineers can help you solve related problems. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need samples.

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