Varistor in Parallel Circuits

Jan. 04, 2023

The voltage dependant resistor or varistor is a resistive component which has the nonlinear volt-ampere characteristic. It can be used to clamp the voltage when the voltage of some circuits is too large and the electrical device cannot bear it, so as to protect the device. The abbreviation of the voltage dependant resistor is VDR. It can be used in parallel with the device to be protected in the circuit.

As we know that the varistor has the function of lightning protection. So what is the working principle of the varistor in the parallel circuit?

Varistor in Parallel Circuits

The varistor is used in parallel with the electrical equipment or components to be protected. When lightning overvoltage or transient overvoltage occurs in the circuit, the varistor and the protected equipment and components bear the overvoltage at the same time. Due to the fast response speed of the varistor, it quickly presents excellent nonlinear conductive characteristics in nanoseconds. At this time, the voltage at both ends of the varistor drops rapidly, which is much smaller than the overvoltage, so that the equipment and components are protected from the impact of overvoltage.

Varistors are well known and used because of their superior performance. When purchasing varistors, you should choose regular manufacturers to avoid troubles.

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