Coupling and Decoupling Functions of Ceramic Capacitor

Jan. 09, 2023

Ceramic capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits due to their advantages such as non-polarity, high temperature resistance, large specific capacitance, good moisture resistance, small dielectric loss, and high reliability. Ceramic capacitors are used in many places, and they play the role of coupling, decoupling, smoothing, and filtering in electronic circuits. Although the words coupling and decoupling are similar, the two functions are quite different in the circuit.

Coupling: In electronic circuits, coupling means connection, sending the upper level signal to the next level, sometimes the circuits cannot be directly connected, so electronic components need to be used for linking. Ceramic capacitors are used as the connection between the circuits, blocking the direct current, allowing the alternating current signal to pass and be transmitted to the next-level circuit.

Coupling and Decoupling Functions of Ceramic Capacitor

Decoupling: Ceramic capacitors are installed on the power supply side of electronic products. In this circuit, ceramic capacitors can be used as energy storage capacitors to provide stable power supply for electronic products, and at the same time reduce the noise transmitted from components to the power supply terminal and reduce the interference of other components by noise.

Since active devices will generate high-frequency switching noise when switching, and this high-frequency switching noise will propagate along the power line, ceramic capacitors provide a low-impedance leakage path for high-frequency switching noise in the circuit and guide the noise to the ground, reducing and removing high-frequency switching noise to prevent high-frequency switching noise from interfering with the circuit.

The above is about the coupling and decoupling functions of ceramic capacitors in circuits. Select a reliable manufacturer when purchasing electronic components can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble. JYH HSU(JEC) (or Dongguan Zhixu Electronics) not only has full models of ceramic capacitors with guaranteed quality, but also offers worry-free after-sales. JEC factories are ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified.

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