What is a Polypropylene Film Capacitor

Jun. 18, 2021

A film capacitor is a capacitor in which metal foil is used as an electrode, and plastic films such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate are overlapped from both ends and then wound into a cylindrical structure. According to the type of plastic film, they are called polyethylene capacitors, polypropylene capacitors, polystyrene capacitors and polycarbonate capacitors. What is a polypropylene film capacitor? Read on to learn more.

The dielectric of polypropylene film capacitors is polypropylene film, and the electrodes are divided intometal film foiltype and metallizedfilm type. The coiled capacitor core is encapsulated with epoxy resin or packed in plastic and metal casings. Polypropylene capacitors made with metal film electrodes are called metallized polypropylene film capacitors.

Polypropylene film capacitors have the following characteristics:

1) The capacity range is wide, ranging from thousands of picofarads to tens of microfarads;

2) Good temperature resistance and high insulation resistance

3) Metallized polypropylene film capacitors have good self-healing ability

4) The loss tangent value is small, and the high frequency characteristics are good

5) Small size and reliable work

Polypropylene film capacitors can be used to replace paper and mica capacitors. They are mainly used in AC, laser, coupling, filtering and compensation circuits, and are widely used in household appliances. After reading this article, you must havecertainunderstanding of polypropylene film capacitors. It is advisable to purchase varistors from regular manufacturers. Dongguan Zhixu Electronics Co, Ltd (also JYH HSU(JEC)) have a full range of varistor models the quality is guaranteed. Our factories have passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. Our safety capacitors (X and Y series) and varistors have passed authoritative certifications of many countries and ourceramic capacitors and film capacitors are in line with environmental protection directives.

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