Y Capacitors Connected in Parallel

Jun. 21, 2021

Y capacitors are a very common electronic component, which are often seen in electronic devices we use in our daily life. Y capacitors are capacitors that are connected across the power line and the ground (L-E, N-E), generally appearing in pairs. Due to the limitation of leakage current, the capacitance of Y capacitors cannot be too large. Generally, the capacitance of X capacitor is uF and the Y capacitance is nF. So how is the Y capacitor used in the circuit after it is connected in parallel?

Why do capacitors need to be connected in parallel? Because by connecting two capacitors in parallel, the resulting circuit is able to store more energy since the equivalent capacitance is the sum of individual capacitance of all capacitors involved. The withstand voltage of two capacitors is the lowest withstand voltage of the two, while the capacity is the sum of the two. Therefore, when the capacity of a single capacitor cannot meet the circuit design, the capacity of the capacitor can be enlarged by connecting two capacitors in parallel. The filtering effect in parallel is sometimes better than when one capacitor is used, especially when the circuit involves a large capacitor and a small capacitor. When connected in parallel, the large one can filter out low frequencies, and the small one can filter out high frequencies. In some circuits, sometimes the heat dissipation effect will be better, but it is not recommended to connect too many capacitors since problems such as frequency oscillation may occur.

Y Capacitors Connected in Parallel

For parallel capacitors, the capacity is the sum of the capacitance of each capacitor, but the withstand voltage is based on the capacitor with the lowest voltage. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the voltage of each selected capacitors  is not too small, otherwise it may not meet the voltage requirements of the circuit.

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