What is MPX Capacitor

Apr. 20, 2022

In the capacitor shown in the figure below, there is an obvious MPX logo:

What is MPX Capacitor

JEC: means the product trademark

MPX: refers to the English abbreviation of "Metalized Polypropylene Suppression Capacitors ", which represents the material of the capacitor. Metallization means that the aluminum electrode is not a film, but an aluminum foil. Compared with ordinary CBB capacitors, MPX has a high starting point of voltage resistance, small lead-out loss, small internal temperature rise, and excellent flame retardant performance. It is widely used in high-voltage high-frequency pulse circuits, S correction and reverse travel waveforms and displays in TV sets, electronic rectification absorption and SCR rectification circuits in lighting circuits.

X2: Refers to the X2 safety capacitor.

0.001uf: refers to the capacitance.

K: represents the capacitance tolerance ±10%.

250/275/300/305/310 AC: refers to the rated voltage of the X2 safety capacitor.

40/110/56/B: The numbers indicate the climate condition during testing. The lower limit temperature is -40°C, the upper limit temperature is 110°C, and the steady-state hot and humid duration is 56 days, and the B is the flaming burning level.

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