Why Choose Varistors for Circuit Protection

Apr. 01, 2024

With the advancement of technology, circuits and devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, leading to higher demands for voltage and current stability. If overvoltage or surges occur in a circuit, it can not only damage the circuit and devices but also disrupt the operation of the entire equipment, potentially causing accidents.


To protect circuits from damage caused by voltage and surge currents, it is necessary to select electronic components capable of limiting voltage and current, among which varistors are particularly suitable.


Why choose varistors? Here are the reasons:


Varistors have excellent voltage limiting capability.

When subjected to voltage spikes, varistors can quickly adjust their resistance values, clamp the voltage, absorb excess current, suppress surges, and protect circuits and other components from damage. This makes varistors an ideal choice for circuit protection.

 Why Choose Varistors for Circuit Protection

Varistors have fast response times.

Varistors can limit overvoltages in the circuit in a very short time, reducing the extent of damage to circuit components. This fast response characteristic gives varistors an advantage in situations where rapid protection is needed.


Varistors have a wide range of applications.

Whether in power lines, internal electronic equipment, or motor drive and control systems, varistors can play an excellent protective role. The reliability and stability of varistors enable electronic devices to operate normally.


Varistors, as effective overvoltage and surge absorption devices, play an important protective role in electronic equipment, effectively safeguarding circuits and electronic devices from damage caused by overvoltage and surges.


By properly selecting and using varistors, the stability and reliability of electronic equipment can be effectively improved, reducing equipment failures and maintenance costs while extending the equipment's service life.


Moreover, varistors also have advantages such as small size, light weight, and easy integration, adapting to the trend of miniaturization and integration of modern electronic devices.


Therefore, the importance of varistors for electronic equipment is self-evident. It is believed that with the continuous development of technology, varistors will play an even more important role in future electronic devices.


This article is provided by JYH HSU (JEC) Electronics. JEC is a research, development, production, and sales-oriented company specializing in manufacturing and selling various electronic components such as capacitors and resistors.


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